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Wood works by Universal Wonderful Street Academy (UWSA)

The Universal Wonderful Street Academy (UWSA) is a Ghanaian NGO and a free-of-cost primary school for street children in the socio-economically less privileged neibourhood Jamestown, Accra.

After the regular morning classes, the school offers traditional dancing and music classes, drumming acrobatics, vocational training (sewing) and creative workshops (e.g., beads and wood work, painting, crafts).

While public schools require payments for class room fees, school uniforms, books, and meals, the Universal Wonderful Street Academy provides this for frees.

Many of the students’ families have experienced poverty and tragedies in their lives, which don’t allow them to afford a public school or even a proper home with roof over the head for all family members. James town is traditionally a fisher community on the coast of Ghana. It is characterized by high poverty and analphabetism rates, low health indicator and many teenage pregnancies.

The school is exclusively financed by private donors. The base cost, such as rent, meals and teachers’ salaries, is covered by German Foundation (FUWSA) consisting of a few private persons who donate regularly.

In addition, the school conducts fundraising to finance repairs and construction works, extracurricular activities, medical support, financing of subsequent public junior and senior high school for students who continue their education.


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