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Furnart is a Limited Liability Company incorporated and registered with the Registrar General of Ghana and operates under the name FURNART GHANA LIMITED. The Company was established in 1974 by two families, namely Omaboe and Quarcoopome in Ghana in tandem with an Italian Furniture Designer Benjamino Stephanie. The Italian believed that the quality and available species of wood in Ghana could be used to design and produce bespoke Italian style furniture targeted for the Ghanaian and other international markets and therefore managed to convince the Ghanaian Families to invest in the establishment of Furnart Ghana Limited.

Furnart soon became the leading furniture, joinery, and office manufacturer in Ghana, and has further developed an export market over the period. Many of the leading families in Ghana have their homes and corporate offices furnished by Furnart. The company has operated based on a global environmentally friendly principle of producing the highest quality of furniture keeping in mind current trends, designs and decorative dynamics whilst keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of its consumers. This is seen in the quality and uniqueness of our products, which can be found in many known Homes, Royal Palaces and Corporate establishments who are proud owners of our bespoke brand, and tailor-made products.

The Company has almost become the household name for furniture because of the high quality of its products and dominance in the furniture industry to the extent that our products are treated as heirlooms and thus passed on from generation to generation. One the main business of the Company's current operations is the refurbishing or re-upholstering these heirlooms. The Local wood industry in Ghana today has evolved from conventional furniture manufacturing to include not only the construction industry where Furnart produces doors and other finished wood products within the real estate industry but also the Funeral Homes where the company provides coffins to an identified growing market

The Company’s raison d'étre on the other hand is “our people are our greatest resource and asset; their craft is our assurance that all products will meet the highest quality standards and the promised timelines to customers. Through innovative designs, modern equipment, efficient production practices, and a renewed focus on customer service, we will become the leading lifestyle Brand.” The future mental picture that shapes Furnart desired future state is “To be the leading lifestyle brand in the design and manufacture of quality wood products, furniture and joinery in Ghana and beyond, with a strong unified team that creates value for stakeholders while delivering social and environmental sustainability.”
furnart Ghana limited

Our Core Values

The guiding principles of how Managers and Employees of the Company conduct themselves, do business, and work to achieve its mission and goals are illustrated below:

Is the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions.

Ensures dedication to the success and delight of our customers, partners and to ourselves as employees.

To meet timelines and deadlines

And excellent furniture that stand the test of time.

To match up with imported brands

For the value that our Skilled and Unskilled workers bring to the factory.

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Nyaniba Estates Park,
Osu La Crescent, Accra

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P. O Box AN 6137, Accra – North

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